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Ya Tu International's full-service service has a professional import and export agency company, providing customers 

with full-service solutions for import and export trade agents. Provide customers with import trade qualification


agents, sign foreign trade contracts, and write off foreign exchange settlements. Export agent, foreign exchange 

collection and verification, export tax rebate, exporter inspection agency. Temporary import and export agents, 

leasing trade agents, general trade import and export agents. A variety of products, industry qualifications, 

mechanical electrical equipment, food, medical, cosmetics, dangerous goods, software, clothing, necessities, etc. 

can be agents. The top ten currency foreign currency settlement services are efficient and safe for receiving and 

paying foreign exchange. Provide a variety of documents, automatic import license, 3C exemption, art approval, cosmetics 

approval, Chinese label consultation report, certificate of origin, health certificate, animal and plant inspection,


import tax exemption application, special items approval.

Trade agent service          import freight          export freight         custom clearance



The main business source of international air transport import transportation is that 

the buyer of goods signs FOB/FCA/EXW/DAF and other forms of trade contracts. The 

buyer pays the transportation cost of international section. Yatu International will use 

its excellent overseas transportation network to transport goods from abroad to 

domestic ports and airports. Our company's international import transport business 


1. Globalized network coverage; 

2. Stable freight orders, stable freight prices; 

3. Overseas non-mainstream freight point solutions; 

4. Import customs coverage of major ports in the country.

Services: Local factory pick-up, export booking, export assembly, Insurance, 

Inspection, export customs clearances.

International Air Export Agency Service

Trade agent service          import freight          export freight         custom clearance

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